Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vintage Finds and a Perfect Visit

Hi friends! After many days of traveling, I am back home with some photos to share with you.  On September 15, we loaded up the car and began the long journey to see our son in Virginia.  It was a perfect visit!  The temperatures were unseasonably warm, but we didn't care a bit.  We were just grateful to spend time with our oldest child.  Family...it's what life is all about!

Of course, I had to visit a few of my favorite antique stores while in VA. I love this dining room set.  My son is in the market for a set and I think it would look great in his home!
I always stop at this booth and usually find a piece or two to add to my Fostoria collection.  She also has great Pyrex items.  I have one of the turquoise bowls.  Such a happy color! I just love her vintage inspired booth.
Another few booths.  Isn't the burplap wreath cute? I am not sure why, but I am drawn to conversation chairs.  I can just imagine a hard working housewife taking a break from her daily routine to have a phone chat with her closest friend!
The "Fall Gatherings" sign in my last post was made by the lady who has this booth.
Of course, it wasn't all antique shopping.  We ate at a delightful Italian restaurant Sunday afternoon.  Thought you might like a look at the yummiest part of the restaurant!
There is so much history in Virginia.  In the past six years since our son moved there, we have visited much of the state.  This trip we decided to explore the Northern Neck of Virginia.  We stopped in Reedville and walked the main street known as Millionaire's Row with it's impressive Victorian era mansions. Love this picture!  My son and I had just eaten some delicious crab cakes from a little shop along the Chesapeake Bay.  Wish I had one or two for supper tonight!
On the way back to Mississippi, we stopped and spent a few days in the Smokie Mountains.  This fall display was in one of my favorite places to eat and shop...The Apple Barn! I'll take one of everything, please!
It was a blessing to be able to visit our son and enjoy the incredible beauty of God's world! Other than window shopping, I did bring home several adorable vintage pumpkins and beautiful, large real pumpkins of different varieties.  I can't wait show you what I am doing with the real pumpkins! Have a wonderful week friends!
Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Gatherings Tiered Tray

I purchased a tiered tray this spring and have yet to use it.  At Home with Jemma is hosting a Tiered Tray Extravaganza party this week and I thought it would be a great time to get out my tray and do something with it! I selected an adorable Fall Gathering sign to top my tiered tray.  I decided to place a simple garland of fall berries on the second tier.
And what do you do when you have ripe bananas and left over pumpkin puree? Well, you make banana pumpkin muffins.  I placed the muffins on the largest tier! I'll share the recipe with you later, but I will tell you that this recipe has flax seed hidden within the other ingredients.  I love to hide flax seed in food! I poured two cups of coffee in case you stop by for a visit!  I think these Fostoria coffee cups are so beautiful!  I only have two, so I am always on the look out for more.
Have a wonderful rest of the week friends!  I am packing up my muffins and hitting the road tomorrow with my parents. We are going to Virginia to visit our oldest son and their first grandson.  You can be assured that I will be on the hunt for a few more Fostoria cups and saucers as well as other antique treasures.  However, the most important thing I will be doing is enjoying time with my big boy!
Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Perfect Pumpkin Project!

I recently made my mom a bedazzled monogram pumpkin.  She has always liked my half pumpkin which I shared with you last month.  My Monogrammed Pumpkin was easy to create and I love the way it looks.  I decided to make my mom and dad a larger, whole pumpkin.  Here is what you will need for this simple project.

The Starting Line-Up:
One- Cream Pumpkin of Your Choice, Sold at Michael's Craft Stores
Martha Stewart Brushed Bronze Metallic Craft Paint
Foam Paint Brush
Peel and Stick Bedazzling Items

You have to admit that the cream pumpkin directly from the store is boring.  Let's add some life and character to this pumpkin!  Using a disposable bowl, pour a little paint in the bowl.  Wet the foam brush and squeeze out any excess water. Using long strokes, paint the surface of the pumpkin going in the direction of the grooves. Allow the paint to accumulate in the grooves, creating natural, darker areas. I placed my pumpkin on its side so that I could paint the bottom as I made the long strokes of paint.  
I allowed one side to dry then flipped it to the other and continued in that manner until the pumpkin was completely bronzed. Take a look at your pumpkin and add a little more paint to the grooves if needed.  Allow to completely dry.
Here comes the fun part! I always start with the monogram.  The monogram will be on a large sheet.  Carefully peel away the protective backing from the monogram.  The sticky part will be under the lettering only.
Carefully position the monogram on the pumpkin.  I have found that you can re-position if you are careful.  Once you have it in place, press down to adhere more securely.  
The next step is to adhere the scroll work to the pumpkin.  This is more difficult, but can be done with a little patience.  Decide where you want the scroll work before you pull off the protective backing. 

Carefully position the scroll work on the pumpkin. If you need to re-position, carefully remove the section and re-position it on the pumpkin. Lastly, you will need to attach a cute bow to the top.  I decided to go with this cute and simple black and white plaid bow.
My mom placed the pumpkin on a wreath of fall berries in her dining room window and it looks adorable! This is an easy project which can be completed in an hour.  To get you in the mood for this cute fall project, light a fall scented candle and sip a cup of pumpkin flavored coffee while working on your pumpkin!  Happy crafting everyone!

Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse
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